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David wrote:

"Having been to KAMA a few times now I must say it truly is one of the best massage parlours ive ever been to. It's so much more than just that though, a fantastic way to relax and unwind after a busy day wether it be at the office or on the pitch. Every visit is a new journey! The atmosphere is happy and everyone does their utmost to make sure you feel comfortable and at ease. All in all I would highly recommend to everyone and anyone!"

Rob wrote:

"I visited Kama Spa twice recently. Both visits were great. This place is clean, friendly, and honest. The massages were both really good, leaving me rejuvenated and relaxed. While both sessions more than met my expectations, I have to give a special callout to Sophie ... truly memorable! Keep up the good work!"


Kelvin wrote:

"Wonderful massage [from] my therapist despite near the end of her work day. She [knows] what she was doing and indeed, her massage did help to release the tension, strains, knots from Work. Overall service was good and she's always willing to engage with her attractive smile"


Paul wrote:

"Great 4 hands massage for 90 minutes with Ada & Judy. Nice room, good atmosphere and even better massage. Wonderful and feel reborn, coming back soon.."


Giles wrote:

"The best in HK. Polite, nice and attentive. Highly recommenfed. Everything just perfect. They are not about making money, but about providing good service."

Paul wrote:

"Tried Kama Spa for the first time this morning and was pleasantly surprised. The rooms are nice and clean, well above the standard of most Spa's in Hong Kong. They have larger rooms with large beds as well for hk$1000 per hour. Good quality shower in the room. Then my therapist (Carry) entered. Average looking, but very cute and not too old. Would love to pay more for a truly stunning girl. The massage itself was amazing. Superb technique. Strong and very relaxing. Same for the sensual part. Really well trained. A real surprise to get such an outstanding massage. Left happy and relaxed. Will be back."


Mark wrote:

"Having spent the last couple of weeks in Hong Kong with the dreary weather, I stumbled upon Kama Spa whilst searching for somewhere to unwind in this busiest of cities. What a find this was! I arrived in the afternoon and was greeted by gorgeous Joy. I was shown to a well appointed room. So far so good. Then came my masseuse, Candy. Candy's massage skills were fantastic. She worked on every knot in my muscles and then some. I haven't had this good a massage in years. She certainly knew how to use her hands! Candy was absolutely lovely and gave me a very memorable session. Unfortunately, I'll be leaving Hong Kong in a couple of days but will try to fit another session here before I go. Kama Spa is a hidden haven in Hong Kong."


Marc wrote:

"i came to Kama for the second time and was again welcomed by the beautiful Joy. she introduced me to her new specialist Lola. Lola is a very nice therapist who took not much time to find out where my body was tensed... again the room was magnificent. top quality sheets and towels, shower is in the room. high quality at Kama Spa."


Lee wrote:

"Congratulations to your new place!"


Pacman wrote:

"Great way to spend the afternoon at Kama. My only criticism is time passed so fast inside Kama. I will definitely be back when I come back to Hong kong in the summer."


David wrote:

"I visited Kama on what turned to be one of the coldest days in Hong Kong in decades. I was introduced there by a friend and certainly I was not disappointed. The studio was warm and welcoming. I was served mulled wine on my arrival, which really was a great surprising touch. The managress was a beautiful Chinese woman who spoke fluent English. I was shown into a big treatment room - huge to the European standard. The treatment itself was amazing. There were many happy surprises on that day; I felt so pampered. On the day of my visit they were quite busy and I am not surprised at all that they are so successful. Kama is certainly a great place to go to."


Marc wrote:

"I had my first visit to Kama Spa on what could had been the most freezing day in Hong Kong for years. It was a real pleasure to see Joy again, and to see that her new spa is with real high standard. She introduced me to Nikko who knew how to relax my body from this cold. the room is big and has shower, treatment table is brand new, sheets with Kama logo on, towels really good. The session was magic, nice and calm, sensual and energetic, the dimmed light and relaxing music made me feel really confortable. Congratulation to you Joy and see you again very soon."


zbigfellow wrote:

"I was very happy to hear that Joy had opened the KAMA SPA, having known her for some time, have always found she takes great care of her customers and runs a very high class SPA, where you're not left wondering what the pricing or process is, and have never left her company with anything than a big smile on my face.... KAMA SPA is located in Wyndham St, and first impressions are very very good. Some serious time and money has been sent on the decoration, everything is brand new, the showers, the massage beds, everything is shiny and new and of very high quality. The full SPA room wasn't quite finished when i was there but it did look very spacious and on a Hotel level of comfort and decor. The standard treatment rooms are all good size, high ceilings, brightly lit (of course they can be dimmed) nice Japanese style lighting and feel to them, each room has a good sized shower, I'm a big guy and there's plenty of room in them. There's about 5 rooms I'd guess plus the SPA room... I actually prefer an all in one price so there's no in room negotiations or moments when you're wondering am I paying the right amount? Is there gonna be some question before I leave, that I havent tipped sufficiently etc. I can heartily recomend Kama Spa and will be revisiting soon...."


Stripped horse wrote:

"Thank you for the most relaxing afternoon one can enjoy in this hectic city. Your spa is really a hidden gem in Central. Everyone in the spa was so friendly, welcoming and (may I say) so attractive... I enjoyed the great coffee and wine you offered me before my treatment; they were a great touch. Everyone there was so pleasant and I can sense that you all enjoy working there, which is quite something in this city. I will surely visit again, and will definitely introduce all my friends to your spa."


Steven P. wrote:

"Great congratulations to your new spa. I think I can say this on behalf of many people: you have no idea how pleased we are when we heard that you have finally opened a new venture. We have waited long enough!"


John Leung wrote:

"Congratulations! Your new shop is everything I expected, plus more! The treatment rooms can rival any hotel spa in Hong Kong. Your location is so nice too. Your place is one of the best kept secrets in Hong Kong, and seflishly I'd like to keep it that way. I wish you all the best in this exciting new venture and thank you very much for everything today."


Peter Longbeach wrote:

"Something joyful in the air.... spot on! Congratulations xxx" 




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