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"Where flowers are sold"

We love our little spa, especially its location. Wyndham Street is one of the first streets in our city and was the site of the first Hong Kong club. Everything good about Hong Kong started from here. One hundred years ago, it was nicknamed the Flower Street, because of the flower stalls lining up the street. We love this term. Imagine strolling along this stteet in our Cheongsam amidst the fragrance in the neighbourhood. Dreams and memories...


Today, Wyndham Street is the most trendy and exciting area in Hong Kong, famous for its fine dining and clubbing. We are proud to be a small part of this thriving and liberal community, and hope to contribute to it, in our small ways, by building an oasis for relaxation, health and quality living.



Read more about this historical street here and here.

More old Wyndham street photos here.

There are fifty five restaurants in our neighbourhood! Or so we are told.


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